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Post some tweets in an irregular language

posted on 2009-07-18


Most people use one main language (e.g. English) to post there tweets. But sometimes you really want to post a tweet in a different language. If you just post the tweet in that “irregular” language, most of your followers would not understand the tweet. So you don’t want to bother those people with those tweets. Some people use a second Twitter account to post in another language, but this isn’t very convenient because you’ll have to which between accounts.


Recently Twitter has changed behavior of @reply system. This change caused that tweets starting with an @username you don’t follow, would not appear in your timeline. A lot of people (including me) really didn’t agree with this change, and protested using the #fixreplies hashtag.

But maybe this #fixreplies problem can solve the language problem. If for every used language a user would exist, users can post a tweet in a irregular language starting with this username. If your friends follow this user too, which means they understand that language too, they will see this tweet, otherwise they don’t.

Figure 1: A tweet in Dutch

Language Users

As test I’ve created the @lang_nl user, use this one if you want to tweet in Dutch (Nederlands). If you need another language, feel free to create one. But try to use the same name convention, meaning: @lang_<language_code>, with <language_code> the code taken from ISO 639-2 Language Code List, and leave a comment which user you’ve created.