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Org mode blogging: Unfurling links

posted on 2018-12-26

Recently I migrated this blog to Org mode. I already wrote one piece about this. This is a second piece…

Open Graph

Apps like Slack and Twitter can give a nice preview of your blog article links. Some people call this “unfurling”.

I’ve found several resources which explain what is needed to have those nice previews. It turns out, they use the “Open Graph” standard.

So I needed to add these <meta> tags to my HTML output.

Expanding Org publish

Org mode publishing allows you to set :html-head-extra. This can be used to add more tags to the <head> of your HTML output. Unfortunately, it does not accept a function for this property. So I wrote a wrapper function around (org-html-publish-to-html) which dynamically sets the property for each .org file that is processed.

It’s not the most beautiful function, but it works.


Linking this page on Slack will look like:


And on Twitter: