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My cellphone history

posted on 2010-12-30

Just wanted to draw a history on the mobile phones I’ve used in my life.

Nokia 3310 (end 2000 till 2001)

Figure 1: Nokia 3310

Yes, I bought one of the 126 million Nokia 3310 phones sold (which makes it one of the best sold ever). In the early days of the release of the phone Nokia couldn’t keep up the production with the request. But I managed to get one of the first.

It was my first mobile device, in my eyes it was awesome. Maybe the most awesome about the phone was “Snake II”.

I don’t know where this phone is now, I think I donated to family or a friend when I bought my second phone.

Nokia 5510 (2001 till 2004)

Figure 2: Nokia 5510

I spend almost all my savings on this phone (I remember it costed about 15000 BEF, which is approximately 375 EUR). And this phone just had it all:

  • A complete QWERTY keyboard
  • A music player with 64 MB storage

If I think of it, it is ugly as hell and it’s also huge to carry in your pocket. But I thought it was great. I loved typing on the complete keyboard.

I still have this phone and still works.

Nokia 6820 (2004 till 2006)

Figure 3: Nokia 6820

Best phone I’ve had so far. Really look at it, the design is clever. You get a phone with complete keyboard without any other downside. You might think the mechanism is quite fragile, but it is rock solid.

I’ve installed quite some applications on this phone, because in those days Symbian/Java apps were hot, so there was a good selection available.

This phone died on me. The repair would cost about 150 EUR, which was too much for me back then, so I never got it fixed. I still regret it.

Siemens CF62 (a few months in 2006)

Figure 4: Siemens CF62

Now a time of mobile phone identity crisis started. As a student I didn’t have much money to buy a fancy phone so I got this cast-off from my brother.

This was really a horrible device. Slow, lots of bugs, bad battery life, … Never used a Siemens since then.

Motorola Razr V3 (a few months in 2006)

Figure 5: Motorola Razr V3

This phone was hot in those days. With lots of advertising it should start the Motorola empire in Europa. But it didn’t. Sure the design was nice, but I didn’t like using it. Probably that is why it also was I cast-off of my brother. Although it had that catchy ’Hello Moto’ ringtone.

I still have this phone, but don’t know if it is working.

Nokia 1600 (end 2006 till 2007)

Figure 6: Nokia 1600

A dead simple phone, and cheap. That is the reason I bought it. As you can read from this post, I was satisfied from Nokia, so I went back to it. The best thing about it, it was cheap (again). So I didn’t have to take real care of it. If it fell on the floor, no problem…

This phone is still in my drawer and I use it once in a while when I need a phone that doesn’t require gentle handling.

Nokia E71 (2007 till present)

Figure 7: Nokia E71

Again I saved some money and bought me a decent phone. I looks like a Blackberry, but still is a Nokia (my favorite brand so far). It does what it should, without any extra. So I cannot conclude this phone is great.

I think what I hate most about it is the bad camera. This is a common weakness of Nokia phones (especially the business types).

What’s next?

I’m not planning to buy a new phone, but if I will I don’t know what I will buy:


I doubt it. Nokia just can’t keep up with the competition. The touch is quite unresponsive (compared to other brands) and the selection of apps is poor. Although there is one change: If they make a new version of the 6820, I really would consider buying it.


Some colleagues of my are really satisfied with there Android phones. And I like the openness of Android. But I’ve heard better not to buy a Samsung, because they add a lot of junk to the Android OS.


Well, you know, iPhone. Do I need to say more?


I think it is clear from this post, I really like a mobile device with a complete keyboard. So they might influence the choice of my next phone.

One thing I think is funny. When I bought the Nokia 5510 people laughed at me because I bought such a huge device. But nowadays most people want the complete keyboard. So he who laughs last, …

P.S.: I think I need to do some more research on the dates, but there about right (I guess).