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Get rid of those ugly blue Firefox menu buttons on Vista

posted on 2009-05-20


I am a Vista user, I’m not very proud of it but can’t afford a Mac at the moment, and use Firefox as my favorite browser. Works like it should, but I have one problem with it. The menu buttons are in a real ugly blue, see it for yourself:

Figure 1: Firefox menubar on Vista


I not really in to using themes for your browser, because most of the time they just slow down your system. But for one time I wanted to make an exception.

I’ve actually found a Firefox addon to solve this problem. XP on Vista. If you can’t install it, try to install another version. So after install and reboot your menu buttons look like this:

Figure 2: Firefox menubar on XP


If you like the blueish Vista like buttons you can try the Vista on XP addon.