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Flag All Those Tweets Read

posted on 2009-05-17


Every time I switched between Twitter client (client at work, client at home, client on mobile phone) I lost track of which tweets I’ve read. Although it’s not required to read all tweets (see Twitter isn’t email), but I like to do it. I’ve been thinking for a solution to this problem and I think I’ve found one.


I’ve created a new Twitter account @fattr. fattr is an acronym for “*F*lag *A*ll *T*hose *T*weets *R*ead”. The idea was: Send a direct message to @fattr to flag all current Tweets read. So all tweets received after sending the DM are new.

Figure 1: FATTR logo


Using the PHP Twitter library of Tijs Verkoyen @fattr will follow you back within 10 minutes. This is required to send DMs. The same library will make it possible to log in at website to read new tweets.

Future work

I really need to improve the code of the project and work on the page design. And I would like to promote use of this @fattr idea to Twitter client authors. So on every client you would be able to read new tweets, even if they are tagged by another client/location.