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Announcing gross.css v3.0.0

posted on 2019-08-07

Gross.css v3.0.0

I’m proud to announce gross.css v3.0.0. It’s a huge release because it is 500% more gross, but more on that later.

To most people the most exciting feature is “dark mode”.

Stacking Cartons

Gross.css v3.0.0 has codename Stacking Cartons, and there is a very good reason for this…

When I was implementing dark mode, I didn’t want to abandon light mode, so I wanted to support both. I could haven chosen to provide two css files: one for light and one for dark. But for light mode a lot less statements are needed, so it would be fair. So I decided to implement the dark part as a separate css file.

But how would users be able to chose between dark mode or light mode?

I came up with the idea of stacking css files. So a css file includes another css file one directory level deeper. That file can include yet another css file, two levels deep, etc.

So the directory tree will look like this:

├── carton
│   ├── carton
│   │   ├── carton
│   │   │   └── gross.css
│   │   └── gross.css
│   └── gross.css
└── gross.css

This means each css file needs to have a @import statement to include the css file in a subdir:

@import 'carton/gross.css';

There’s an analogy with real life egg cartons here. Assume you have a bunch of eggs, you can lay a carton on top of it, which again can fit a bunch of eggs, and again…

On the demo page I’m illustrating how the cartons stack. I’ve placed the demo page in each carton, and with the two buttons on the top of the page you can take one carton less, or more carton more. For the first carton it’s very clear, the dark gets dropped first. After that the differences are more subtle until eventually all cartons are dropped and you’ll end up with plain html.

More cartons

The technique of stacking cartons allowed me to not only extract dark mode into a carton, but I’ve also extracted table styles in a carton. This way I could focus typography in the base gross.css and make table styles even better. In the end, these are the cartons I’m introducing in this release

Dark mode!!
Make html forms better looking.
Style html tags like <blockquote> and … TODO
Better looking tables, with horizontal scrollbar if needed.
Defines two classes that will insert the gross.css version and codename.

You could say introducing cartons is cheating the 144 characters rule, but I don’t agree for two reasons:

  • In the 144 characters the @import statement is included. So I’m losing 27 characters in each css file on that.
  • The base gross.css file still can be used on its own, without any carton.